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Dad Quest is the dad-based action game you've been waiting for

I've been a father for nearly two years, and will freely admit to feeling lost for most of that time. As any parent will attest, there's no manual for how to properly raise a child. Now that I've seen the Steam Greenlight trailer for Dad Quest, I'm forced to face a terrible truth: I've been doing it wrong this whole time.

dad quest gif

While I've been agonizing over how much TV she should watch, I should have been chucking her at my enemies and leveling up her destructive powers. Is she eating enough vegetables? Who cares? I should be focused on which class she should specialize in, be it scholar, jock or cultist. Also, I've wasted so much time teaching moral lessons when I should have been focused on the moment when I die and she becomes the dad and how much of our money will carry over. That's right: Dad Quest supports female dads.

Dad Quest is available for upvoting on Steam Greenlight now. I trust you'll do the right thing, but if you need a bit more convincing, there's a trailer above and a demo on developer Excalibur Games' official site.

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