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Amazing Katamari trademark filed in Japan (update)

It's already amazing and it's not even out

Bandai Namco recently filed a trademark in Japan for Amazing Katamari, which sounds very close to the trademark for Amazing Katamari Damacy that was registered in both Europe and the U.S. back in April. However, Bandai Namco tells Polygon it has "nothing to reveal at the moment."

In April, a trademark was also filed in Japan for What a Wonderful Katamari. It was speculated this would be the Japanese title of Amazing Katamari, but this new trademark makes that theory more ambiguous.

domain name was also registered for Amazing Katamari by Bandai Namco Europe, however the site remains blank.

The latest Katamari game to be released in the US, Touch My Katamari, received a lukewarm review from us, and the mobile title Tap My Katamari has yet to be released in the states, so Amazing Katamari may be Bandai Namco's big chance to hook us again.

Polygon has reached out to Bandai Namco, and we'll update with any further comments.

Update: We’ve updated this post with the statement from Bandai Namco, and corrected the name of the new Japanese filing which is just Amazing Katamari, not Amazing Katamari Damacy as was originally written.