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New Mr. Robot teaser ushers in the FBI and guilty consciences

Plus, the series is going from 10 episodes to 12

The latest teaser for Mr. Robot's upcoming second season is the best glimpse yet of just how cataclysmic the events of the first season's major hack have been on the entire world.

Warning: This post will contain spoilers for events that happened in the first season of Mr. Robot.

After fsociety's hack, which is now being referred to as the "Five/Nine hacks" exposed the shady dealings going on behind closed doors at the evil conglomerate E-Corp, the world has fallen into shambles. Now, it appears the FBI is hot on Elliot's tracks, with one agent, Dominique "Dom" Dipierro — played by Meryl Streep's daughter, Grace Gummer — hellbent on putting Elliot behind bars.

While trying to evade the largest law enforcement body in the world, the fsociety team is also dealing with their consciences as they come to terms with the fact that their actions may have left the world in a worse place than before. Both Darlene and Elliot are trying to make up for their mistakes, while Elliot's alter-ego, Mr. Robot, tries to convince them there are other hacks that need to be completed for justice to be served.

USA announced today that it would also be adding two more episodes to this season of Mr. Robot, taking it from 10 to 12. The announcement isn't just indicative of how high the demand is for the show and how much time it'll take for creator Sam Esmail to tell his story, but also shows just how vital the show is to the network and just how much weight USA is throwing behind Mr. Robot.

The second season debuts July 13 at 9 p.m. ET on USA.

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