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Watch Grand Kingdom's creator Tomohiko Deguchi build a Super Mario Maker level

On a recent trip to Japan, we visited a handful of Japanese game developers and asked them to contribute stages to our ongoing Devs Make Mario series. Among them: Tomohiko Deguchi, director of tactical role-playing game Grand Kingdom, which saw release in North America on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this week.

Deguchi, best known for directing the Japan-exclusive Vanillaware PSP title Grand Knights History, actually subverted the Devs Make Mario formula — in preparation for our visit, he created his entire Super Mario Maker stage ahead of time! The result: a surprisingly authentic Super Mario Bros. 3 level built around maximizing the abilities of Koopa Troopas. To play the level for yourself, use level code B425-0000-025D-38FA, or visit the page for Deguchi's stage "Grand March of the Koopa Troopas" on Nintendo's Mario Maker bookmark site.

For more on Grand Kingdom, watch over 16 minutes of English gameplay from the North American version of the game below.

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