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Dead Rising 4 leak offers a glimpse at weapons, setting, Frank selfies [Update]

Tricycle of death

We caught a bit of structured hands-on time with Dead Rising 4 during E3, but this video clip, cut together from gameplay captures sent to us from an anonymous source, gives an unfettered look at life in Willamette, Colorado.

The video, captured off of a Windows PC from an early build of the game, shows off some of the new camera modes in the game, the ability to take Frank selfies and some fantastic crafted vehicles, including a tricycle-lawnmower-flame-thrower.

We’ve also cut in some screenshots sent to us from the source, which includes one image of part of the game’s map.

Dead Rising 4 is due out this coming holiday season on Windows PC and Xbox One. Arthur Gies writes that it feels like the sort of non-Christmas, Christmas game that The Nice Guys director Shane Black would make. That is to say, it’s a mash-up of goofy, holiday and violence.

Update: Capcom's attorneys filed a DMCA with us requesting that we take down the video and, it appears, verifying its authenticity. We've replaced the leak video with a trailer from the game shown at E3.

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