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Monster Factory: Sly Cooper cosplay and Leather Daddy Voldo in Soul Calibur 5

Behold, my most terrible secret: I am miserable at fighting games. And yet Soul Calibur 5 has long beckoned to me, ripe with potential for Monster Factory exploitation. While face customization leaves much to be desired — by which I mean it does not exist at all — the things that this game allows you to do to a human being's outfit are just criminal. If there really were such a thing as the Fashion Police, Soul Calibur 5 would be a fugitive from justice.

We used that system to create Mëlissa, a cosplayer with a heart of gold and a vest of denim. Can she complete her outfit before the big convention? Or will her costuming attempts be thwarted by her nemesis, Leather Daddy Voldo? Find out in the video posted above.

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