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All Heroes of the Storm heroes are now free until June 28

Now's the perfect time to dive in

Professional eSports team Tempest has won the 2016 Heroes of the Storm summer championships, and Blizzard is celebrating by making every hero free to play for a limited time. The promotion starts today and will go through June 28.

"In addition to this free-to-play hero event, we’ve added a new deeply discounted bundle to the Shop that features all of the heroes and skins chosen by Tempest in their final match," Blizzard announced. "This bundle will be available from June 21 until June 28."

Heroes of the Storm Tempest bundle Blizzard Entertainment

The bundle includes: Brightwing with the Monarch Brightwing skin, Tyrael with the Demonic Tyrael skin, Greymane with the Ringleader Greymane skin, Tassadar with the Mecha Tassadar skin and Falstad with the Buccaneer Falstad skin, and will cost a differing amount depending on how many of the heroes or skins you already own.

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