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Overwatch to nerf overpowered Torbjorn (on consoles)

His turret damage gets a haircut when the next patch rolls in July

Overwatch players on consoles have been complaining long and loud that Torbojrn, the turret-building defense hero, is too powerful, and the game's director has heard them loud and clear. The character is getting a sharp downgrade next month.

When the next patch rolls for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Jeff Kaplan said in this Reddit thread bout the problem, Torbjorn's turret damage will be reduced by 30 percent. Torbjorn will remain the same in the PC version of Overwatch.

The patch is planned for mid- to late-July, pending certification from the console makers, Kaplan said.

Kotaku, which first noticed the exchange, pointed out that Torbjorn's turrets are too accurate for a console population playing with gamepads, where on PC where mouse-and-keyboard allows greater precision, the character doesn't throw the game out of balance.

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