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Yo-Kai Watch heads to San Diego Comic-Con with shiny new toys

We're not kidding: They're really shiny

Ahead of its second season launch and pair of new games this fall, Hasbro is launching new Yo-Kai Watch toys. Polygon got a preview of one of the more exclusive figures, which fans and toy collectors can grab at San Diego Comic-Con next month.

A vinyl Dianyan figure with five special medals, seen below, will be sold for $29.99 on the showfloor from July 21-24. Once Comic-Con is over, a limited number will go on sale on Hasbro's website. A rare Yo-kai in the Yo-Kai Watch 3DS game, the Dianyan figure will unlock the character so players can recruit him to their teams.

Dianyan is one of numerous riffs on Jibanyan, the series' mascot character. This version combines the ghost cat with a diamond; there are several bejeweled re-skins, each of whom are represented on medals included with the toy.

Outside of their functionality with Yo-Kai Watch, the medals can be used with Hasbro's Yo-Kai Watch toy, which we spent a good deal of time wearing around earlier this year. If you're curious about how the Yo-kai collecting experience translates to the real world, read our impressions of the contraption.

yo-kai watch toy

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