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Balrog and Ibuki come to Street Fighter 5 this week

Trailer offers a glimpse of the last two DLC characters

Balrog joins Street Fighter 5 on Friday with the game's next update, Capcom has announced. The update also will bring Ibuki to the cast.

The trailer above also gives two glimpses of new characters Juri and Urien, who will come to the game later. Ibuki was announced for the game back in May but later was delayed until the latest update.

Ibuki and Balrog, who last appeared in Super Street Fighter 4, are the third and fourth DLC characters to join Street Fighter 5. All of these characters can be earned through gameplay in Street Fighter 5. A real-money option to purchase the characters will come to the game later this year.

Six characters in all will be offered as unlockables/premium DLC for Street Fighter 5, which launched Feb. 16 for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. The first two were series mainstays Alex and Guile.

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