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It's never been more important to re-watch Iron Giant

How a film can help make sense of modern politics

One of the most dangerous beliefs in pop culture criticism — or the criticism of pop culture criticism, really — is that things like movies and games can somehow exist outside of politics. Not only do some people believe that acknowledging the reality of the political messaging of art forms like games and movies is inherently wrong, but they think that even discussing the idea that pop culture criticism also can't exist in a politics-free vacuum is doubly wrong.

Which is why this look at, and deconstruction of, The Iron Giant is such an amazing piece of criticism. It doesn't just ignore the idea that pop culture should exist outside of politics, it explicitly states that the viewing of pop culture can have a positive effect of the viewer themselves while trying to maneuver through a modern world that is often incredibly scary and disheartening. If Iron Giant has a political message, and of course it does, it's one many people desperately need to hear in a time of xenophobia and hate.

I can't recommend this video enough, nor re-watching The Iron Giant. I'm plan to do both with my kids tonight.

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