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Newcomers can catch up to Zero Time Dilemma's story with this 11-minute recap

Seek your way out of Zero Escape's dense storyline

Spike Chunsoft's Zero Escape games are visual novels full of mystery, intrigue and more plot twists than anyone can hope to keep track of. The YouTubers behind Suggesting Gaming make a valiant attempt to do so, however, in their recap of the first two installments above.

The 11-minute video comprises the entirety of 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Virtue's Last Reward, each a complex puzzle game-visual novel hybrid. Catching up with the plots of these two titles is helpful for those interested in the series' third and final entry, Zero Time Dilemma. That game launches tomorrow, June 28, on Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita. For the first time in the Zero Escape franchise, it's also coming to Steam a day later.

It's recommended that players check out the previous two games before heading into Zero Time Dilemma, even though the game is set chronologically in-between the other two. It features many of the other two games' characters and is set to answer some of the series' biggest questions — such as, for instance, the true identity of Zero, the man who's trapped the cast in various escape rooms throughout the games.

With Suggestive Gaming's help, newcomers may be able to save themselves 60 hours or so and dive right into Zero Time Dilemma. The video's a condensed watch, if not the most comprehensive — anyone looking for a more in-depth recap should check out the franchise's wiki site as a start.

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