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The Division’s latest update nerfs SMGs, delayed at least a week on PS4 (update)

Shotguns and LMGs might actually be useful now

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Tom Clancy’s The Division releases a big new patch on June 28, and it’s quite a laundry list of changes.

Update 1.3 lands on Windows PC and Xbox One tomorrow. Along with it comes the first for-pay DLC module called Underground. While we’ve known that PlayStation 4 players would need to wait until Aug. 2 for Underground because of an exclusivity agreement, we weren’t aware that the free patch would also be delayed. During a livestream broadcast today on Twitch the developers announced that Update 1.3 wouldn’t be available for agents on PS4 until Tuesday of next week at the earliest.

Update 1.3 will include some of the biggest changes made to the game since it launched, and includes a few notable alterations to how weapons function.

First off, The Division’s all-powerful sub-machineguns are getting a significant nerf across the board by converting their available critical hit chance perk to a critical hit damage perk. AUGs and Vector SMGs specifically will see their damage reduced, a change that will affect both new versions of the weapons you find in the game world, as well as older models sitting in your inventory or stash.

While they’re making SMGs less desirable, they’re also boosting the effectiveness of light machineguns and shotguns. A new perk will allow LMGs to deal more damage to targets out of cover, while shotguns might actually be useful now that they have a chance to stagger enemies.

Players can finally recalibrate weapons, which will require a new item called a Weapon Kit and Phoenix Credits.

In addition to a bunch of changes to specific gear sets, an increase to the size of player stashes and a list of more than 50 notable bug fixes, The Division is also getting a new shared social space. The Terminal will be accessible from the back of your Base of Operations or as a separate fast-travel location.

You can read the full patch notes here.

Update: Ubisoft has stated via press release that Update 1.3 will be available for PS4 players on July 5.

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