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Overwatch gives your morning an inspiring start, with a little help from Undertale

Or, this evening, put it on your workout mix when you get tired

A beautiful soul took the cast of Overwatch, and all of the earnest, encouraging things they say when you're up against it, and found a perfect musical accompaniment from Undertale to make you go kick the ass of today and anything that even thinks about making it a bad day.

The mash-up is courtesy of Tumblr user Yukisamui, spied last week by The Mary Sue, then yesterday Overwatch's official Facebook page noticed and reposted it, so everyone is now feeling the love.

The voices come from sound files hosted here; Yukisamui noticed that "almost every character in Overwatch has supportive dialogue lines so I decided to put them all together in one massive audio post.

"[A]nd I maybe ... got a little too emotional," Yukisamui said, speaking for a lot of others, too. The song is "His theme," from Undertale, likewise a game with a very devoted following, so they get to share in the high fives.

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