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Zero Time Dilemma's launch marred by major Amazon shipping woes (update)

Zero Escape fans are having trouble finding a way out of this mess

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Zero Time Dilemma, the final chapter in Spike Chunsoft's Zero Escape series, launched today, but Amazon customers are having a hard time getting their hands on it. Customers are reporting that shipments of both the standard and special editions of the game aren't slated to arrive until later this week at the earliest. Others are being told they may have to wait upward of four weeks for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita puzzle-adventure game to arrive.

The problem started earlier this week, however, when senior marketing manager Danny Miscevich of publisher Aksys Games tweeted about a delay for the game's pre-order bonus. Those who bought the special edition were expecting to receive a watch item modeled after those worn by the characters in-game. But on June 24, Miscevich said that fans should expect a delay.

Aksys Games' official account later confirmed that the watch bundles had been "damaged in transit." The publisher assured fans that they'd still get the watch, as well as further compensation.

Receiving the watch could take months, however. Still, Miscevich maintained that the game itself would be sent out to customers not long after launch. "Your [game] should at the latest arrive 1 or 2 days after launch," he said on Twitter.

But many have not received notification that their copies of Zero Time Dilemma have shipped. One customer we spoke to said that his package was expected to arrive Thursday, fitting into Miscevich's window. Others took to Twitter, claiming that Amazon's customer service line told them that they wouldn't get the game until July.

The game's store listing suggests that it will take 2-4 weeks to ship. When we put in a call to customer service, an Amazon rep told us that the blame laid with the manufacturer, and that neither edition of the game was currently in stock. Miscevich denied that, however, in an earlier tweet.

"I've emailed, texted and called [Amazon]," Miscevich wrote yesterday. "They HAVE the games, so in theory they should be going out on time."

In his most recent update, he told fans to expect a statement from Amazon later this afternoon. In the meantime, he offered advice to Amazon buyers who have long anticipated the final Zero Escape chapter:

We've reached out to Aksys Games and Amazon ourselves and will update with further comment when we receive it. For those not willing to wait for their physical orders, the game's out now on the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store. It will also be available on Steam tomorrow, June 29.

Update: "Aksys and Amazon are working together to make this right," the publisher tweeted this afternoon. Amazon is currently shipping Zero Time Dilemma to customers as they receive them, according to Aksys Games.

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