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Digimon’s latest film gets stateside theatrical release (update)

Digimon are the champions

Digimon Adventure tri, the long-running cartoon’s latest film series, will make its English-language debut this fall, Toei Animation announced. With help from distributor Eleven Arts, the company will release the film in theaters across the country.

A special one-day event will let fans in certain cities watch the film first this September. Digimon Adventure tri—Chapter 1: Reunion will come to the rest of the country sometime after that.

The first entry in a multi-part series, Reunion premiered in Japan last November. A subtitled version of it and its follow-up, Determination, are available on Hulu. A third chapter, Confession, will continue the story this September. Set three years after the second season of the anime, Digimon Adventure tri regroups the original Digidestined to fight off a mysterious, familiar threat from the Digital World.

Toei has not confirmed whether it would bring the other films to the U.S. For now, Digimon fans can celebrate the first new feature film in the series to make it to theaters since 2000’s Digimon: The Movie. In its Western release, the film comprised three separate, unrelated movies for a unique if disjointed experience.

Update: Digimon Adventure tri—Chapter 1: The Reunion will be screened in theaters for just one day before its nationwide release. The story has been corrected to reflect this.

Update #2: A representative for Toei Animation told Polygon that the October window for the nationwide release is not yet confirmed. We've edited the article to reflect this.

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