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Jesus Christ is coming to VR this winter

The story of Christ becomes way more interactive

PlayStation VR hardware (GDC 2016 images)

VRWerx and Autumn Productions are teaming up to bring a 90-minute virtual reality film based on the story of Jesus Christ, called Jesus VR — The Story of Christ, to all major VR headsets, including Sony’s PlayStation VR (PS VR), according to Variety.

The studio and virtual reality developer, best known for its work on the upcoming Paranormal Activity VR game, are collaborating with Enzo Sisti, an executive producer on Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ. The studios, producers and director David Hansen are promising an ultra interactive version of Jesus’ story. The film was shot last October in Matera, Italy and will focus on the entirety of Jesus’ life; all within the span of 90-minutes.

Hansen said that Jesus’ story is one of the history’s most important, adding that virtual reality was the perfect medium to tell it. Despite the story receiving countless adaptations since the dawn of cinema, Hellion said that with virtual reality, they’ll be able to give audiences the most interactive experience to date with the story.

The film was shot entirely in 360-degree, 4K video and will be available to watch on Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard and PS VR. The film will be available to purchase or rent from each headset’s corresponding marketplace, but no price point has been set yet. Jesus VR will be released this Christmas.