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Unannounced BioShock remaster collection all but confirmed in leak

Would you kindly let us replay these games?

2K Games uploaded screenshots from BioShock the Collection, a remastered set that would seemingly mark the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One debuts of BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite. The collection has yet to be officially announced, despite several leaks seemingly confirming its existence over the past nine months.

First spotted by a user on NeoGAF, the series of images are hosted on the official website; the game's box art can be found on the site as well. 2K also added a page bearing the set's name earlier today before quickly pulling it from the website. You can look at them below; they include shots from the three games in the series.

These are just the latest developments in the strange saga of 2K's BioShock remaster collection. The company has never officially confirmed the game, but retailer leaks and other details have cropped up countless times.

Last September, a retailer leak suggested that the trio was headed to PS4 and Xbox One. The box art for BioShock the Collection appeared later on, as did an official Brazilian, Taiwanese and ESRB rating.

To see how the still-unannounced BioShock the Collection improves upon the first game in the series, check out our comparison slider.