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Take quick, new looks at Pokémon Sun and Moon in action

Seven shorts showing off Pokémon's latest

After releasing a new trailer yesterday for Pokémon Sun and Moon, The Pokémon Company updated its Japanese YouTube channel with a handful of additional clips. These videos may be short, but they grant fans a bit of extra time to meet new characters like Lillie and Hau, as well as discover the region of Alola.

The video above is the most in-depth of the brief clips, and it shows off the completely revamped Pokédex. This time around, trainers' Pokédexes will have a life of their own, thanks to the inspiriting of the electric-type Rotom. The new Pokédex interface is on full display, but be forewarned that all of the text — like in each video — is in Japanese.

Pokémon Professor Kakui's assistant Lillie takes the spotlight in the following video. She's one of two friends who will accompany the player on his or her journey throughout the Alola region.

The other is Hau, below, who befriends the hero after a move to the region before the game begins.

Also seen on the YouTube channel are new looks at Solgaleo and Lunala, the starring legendaries of Sun and Moon, respectively. Interestingly, Lunala faces off against a Gengar; as a psychic/ghost-type, that could prove to be a tough matchup in the game itself. (Solgaleo, who seems like it should be a fire-type, is instead psychic/steel.)

Pokémon Sun and Moon launch on Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 18. Watch last month's gameplay trailer below for a much longer introduction to its three starter Pokémon.

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