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Battleborn writer departs Gearbox Software

Credits also include Shadow of Mordor, Gears of War

Aaron Linde, lead writer of Battleborn, has left Gearbox Software. Linde tweeted that today would be his last at the Texas-based studio, where he'd worked since 2013.

"Tomorrow's my last day at Gearbox," he wrote yesterday. "Absolutely love this team and am incredibly proud of the work we did together."

Linde first signed on as a writer at Gearbox in October 2013. Prior to that, he worked in narrative design at studios like Monolith Productions and Microsoft Game Studios, where he wrote content for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Gears of War 3, respectively.

Next up for Linde is an "awesome opportunity" in the Pacific Northwest. When reached for comment, Linde told Polygon that he would have more to say about his next steps in the coming weeks.

As for Battleborn, the hero-based multiplayer shooter that Gearbox launched last month, the studio confirmed that the game has a new writer in charge.

"Aaron stayed on to see Battleborn through to completion and has already finished a great deal of work on upcoming content," a representative told us. "His departure has been carefully planned and he has transitioned writing duties to Sam Winkler, who wrote the character Alani and has been helping with the writing on Battleborn since February."

Alani is Battleborn's first new character added to the game post-launch. Four more heroes are planned as free downloadable content.

Get a taste of Linde's work on the game in our video below.