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The Witness is getting a pun-filled, reimagined NES de-make

It's called The Wit.nes — get it?

Thekla released the brutally tricky puzzle game The Witness earlier this year on modern consoles. One fan is now working to bring the title to another system: the Nintendo Entertainment System.

A demo for the NES de-make is now available to download, and it's got a great title: The Wit.nes. In its current state, the game includes only the starting area, but developer dustmop plans to include 32 puzzles in the complete version. These will be both drawn from and inspired by the original The Witness, the developer wrote.

To play the free game, players will need to download an NES emulator. There are suggestions included on the game's page. The Wit.nes is playable on Linux, Mac and Windows PC, as well as Android devices.

Watch the current-gen, original version of The Witness in our video below.

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