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Pokémon Sun and Moon's latest trailer introduces a whole slew of new monsters

There are some .... interesting designs in the mix

The Pokémon Company on YouTube released a new, Japanese-language trailer for its upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon, which you can watch above. In this video, fans get to see a whole slew of new monsters in action, facing off against some more familiar creatures.

Since the trailer's in Japanese, we don't yet have names for these new guys. Instead, we can only speculate, although these particularly unique designs are hard to come up with names for ourselves. There's a box-like caterpillar, a Pokémon that looks like a dragon from Eastern lore, an electric mosquito-looking creature and quite a few others.

There is one Pokèmon in the mix that gets some new footage that we can name, though: Zygarde. The Pokémon's Complete Form makes its in-game debut, having first been shown off in September 2015. This isn't our first look at the monster, but it's a lengthier one than previous clips.

This is our first set of Pokémon details since E3 2016, when Nintendo devoted a portion of its Treehouse livestream to the games. According to developer Game Freak's Twitter, our next wave of information will come this Saturday, July 2 at 10 p.m. JST. (That's Saturday morning for those on the other side of the ocean.)

Pokèmon Sun and Moon will arrive on Nintendo 3DS this November. We'll be sure to have more on the latest additions to the Pokédex later today — with names attached, hopefully. Watch an earlier, English-language trailer below.

Correction: We have to wait all the way until November for Pokémon Sun and Moon, not October. The release window's been corrected above.


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