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Pokémon TV is now available on Apple TV

Stream all of your favorite episodes

It’s been a little tricky to figure out how to watch specific episodes of Pokémon over the years, but now Pokémon has an official app which can be implemented on Apple TV.

The Pokémon TV app, which contains every episode of the series that spans multiple seasons, was originally available on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire and Android devices. The move to Apple TV marks the first time the app is available on a permanent television set box.

The app will allow for both offline and online viewing, but those that have an Apple TV should already be connected to their network through Wi-Fi connection. Still, for those looking to start an episode on their Apple TV and then move to a mobile device like their iPhone or iPad, the app will let users stop and resume play on multiple devices through the use of My Channel.

The app also includes some of the Pokémon movies and users can enable push notifications to be alerted when new films or episodes of a specific season are available to stream.

The app is currently available to download for free in the app store.

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