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Overwatch heroes make for some amazing controllers

Get em all for about $1,800

This morning I showed off some deliberately terrible Xbox Design Lab creations on Twitter, and it set off a bit of a craze inside Polygon to fashion a slew of different custom Xbox One controllers using the site.

Our favorites turned out to be controllers designed around the colors of Overwatch's 21 eclectic heroes.

The result can sometimes be completely spot-on, as you see in the comparison slider below.

Of course, the Xbox Design Lab options aren't always a great match for what you're trying to create. The lab, which lets you create a custom version of the new Xbox One controller for about $80, has quite a few limitations.

You can only change the colors of seven areas: the body, bumpers and triggers, d-pad, thumbsticks, ABXY buttons, view and menu buttons and the back. The body, back, d-pad and bumpers and triggers have 15 colors to choose from while the thumbsticks have to match and only have eight color options. The face buttons and the view and menu buttons are essentially limited to varieties of grey, white and black. You can choose to keep the traditional blue, yellow, red and green on black options for the face buttons though.

Trying to work within this palette can be tricky. Often, you have to either find the closest match or choose what colors found in the character you can work with.

Below you'll find our mostly collective attempt at controllers for each. Give it a try and post your results in comments.

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