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Street Fighter 5's story mode arrives tomorrow, check it out in this trailer

Balrog and Ibuki, too

Street Fighter 5's long-awaited cinematic story mode will arrive tomorrow, and publisher Capcom released a full trailer today to show off the New York City-based conflict at the heart of the campaign.

Known as "A Shadow Falls," the story mode bridges the gap between Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 3. Instead of letting players pick a fighter, the campaign bounces between all 16 of the base game's combatants as well as all six of the announced post-launch downloadable characters.

As Capcom announced this past weekend during the Capcom Pro Tour, Ibuki and Balrog will be added to Street Fighter 5's roster along with the release of the story mode. They'll be packed into the game's version 1.04 update, which also includes matchmaking improvements, two new stages and three additional alternate stage options.

In addition, the update will introduce an in-game shop for real-money transactions via Steam or the PlayStation Store; Capcom announced earlier this month that it had abandoned its plans to add Zenny, a currency that would have been purchased with real money, to the game. The 1.04 patch will include premium battle costumes for all 20 characters so far, along with Karin's premium summer costume, that will be buyable with real money. Players will be able to purchase Balrog's and Ibuki's story costumes with either real money or Fight Money (the in-game currency that is earned by playing Street Fighter 5).

Each new character will cost $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money. New stages and premium costumes will cost $3.99 (70,000 FM) each, while story outfits and alternate stages will go for $1.99 (40,000 FM) each.

Capcom will begin running server maintenance on Street Fighter 5 at 2 p.m. PT today, and both the game's version 1.04 patch and the story mode update — players must install the 1.04 update first — will go live at midnight PT tonight, July 1. (All of this content except for Balrog was meant to be packed into Street Fighter 5's June update, so the update is technically missing its original release window.)

For more on Street Fighter 5's story mode, check out our impressions of the first 90 minutes.

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