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Disney confirms Wreck-It Ralph 2 for 2018

He's going to wreck it ... again

Disney is officially developing a sequel to Wreck-It Ralph, with an expected release date of March 9, 2018.

The studio made the announcement during a Facebook Live Stream today, with star John C. Reilly present to announce his return to the franchise. Planning for the film started while Zootopia, one of Disney's more recent animated features, was in production, according to co-directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston, and will see Wreck-It Ralph return to the virtual world.

One of the biggest differences is that Ralph will go online, taking over parts of the internet on his new journey. Johnston said that the internet was the perfect place to send Ralph because of how vast it is. Companies like Google will get the animated comedy treatment, being referred to as Gugle in the film.

"The scope and scale are so vast and the possibilities for comedy are endless," Johnston said in a press release.

Reilly will also be joined by Sarah Silverman, who voiced Vanellope in the first film, but Disney has yet to confirm any other stars at this time.

Disney's upcoming animated film, Gigantic, will move from March 9 to Nov. 21 so that Wreck-It Ralph 2 can be released instead.

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