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Deadmau5 is making a VR game, includes a limited-edition headset

Touted as the ultimate Deadmau5 experience

Multi-platinum recording artist Deadmau5 has partnered up with Absolut Labs to create a game based on his nightly lifestyle, simply called Absolut deadmau5.

Absolut Labs, which is the digital laboratory for the vodka company, and Deadmau5 took different aspects of the DJ’s life, including driving through the streets of Toronto in his infamous sports car to playing different venues and interacting with other fans and DJs, and turned it into a VR game. The game will also include new music from Deadmau5 which can be heard exclusively in the app.

Deadmau5, whose real name is Joel Zimmerman, said the goal was to bring his fans on an interactive simulation of a night in his life. Players will start in the artist’s garage, where they’ll get to play with his cat, Meowingtons, before entering a racing simulator as they dart off to try to get to a gig in the city’s core. The game will end with players having to DJ a live set in front of thousands of people, where new music from Deadmau5 will be made available to fans.

The game also comes with a special cardboard headset designed by Deadmau5. The headset itself costs $17.95 and features the DJ's signature mouse helmet plastered on the front of it. Those interested in securing one of the limited-edition headsets can do so here.

Absolut Deadmau5 will be available for both iOS and Android devices. It’ll be available to download July 27.