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Blizzard finally fixes Overwatch’s basketball hoop

Heroes never d[AIR HORN]

One of Overwatch’s more captivating activities — punching and shooting the basketballs in the game’s transports while waiting for a round to start — is now out of beta. The latest update to the game finally recognizes when you successfully score a basket.

Prior to the most recent update to Overwatch, tossing a basketball through the game’s basketball hoop was a bit ... anticlimactic. Personal satisfaction from scoring a rare shot was your only reward. But now, landing a two-pointer elicits a burst of confetti and appropriate sound effects.

Here’s a peek at Overwatch’s important new development, captured from a stream from Twitch user AnneMunition:

As part of the basketball hoop patch, Blizzard also released a minor update to Overwatch that adds Competitive Play to the team-based shooter.

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