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Pokémon Go beta closes down as developer teases its official release

Take a new look at the mobile game in the meantime

The Pokémon Go field test will wrap up today, June 30, Niantic Labs announced.

Although testers appear to still have access, Niantic will disable the beta at some point today as it prepares for the game's full release. The official website for the iOS and Android game, which brings Pokémon characters into the real world using a smartphone's GPS and camera functions, no longer offers registration for the beta, instead bearing the words "coming soon" alongside a trailer.

A select group of stateside players participated in the beta, which began earlier this month. That includes two of Polygon's own staff, who shared their thoughts on the mobile game's current build. For now, though, the new screens below should help to tide you over until Pokémon Go's official launch, which is slated for sometime in July. Earlier this month, we also spoke with Niantic Labs and The Pokémon Company about what else to expect from the socially focused, location-based title.

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