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Watch all of Shenmue: The Movie in high definition, with every scene from the first game

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

When it launched on Xbox in 2002, Shenmue 2 was accompanied by a DVD called Shenmue: The Movie, assembled from cutscenes of the original game edited into a theatrical narrative. It wasn't so hot.

Today, an enterprising modder and YouTuber has re-edited and remastered this film to present the full story of Shenmue in full high-definition. The result is nearly five hours long, so pack a lunch, and maybe split it over both days of the weekend.

The remake is the work of Mr 357. He notes that the original Shenmue: The Movie was included to bring North American gamers up to speed, quickly, on the canon of the story. Of course, it couldn't be five hours long, so its editing rearranged the order of some scenes, screwing up the canon, and left out a ton of other sequences. So this is a comprehensive integration of Shenmue: The Movie with the cinematics of the game that gave rise to it.

"In February of 2016, I decided that by using modern emulation I could make my own version from scratch that would be far superior to the original," said Mr .357, and so here is his work.

As for Shenmue 3, it's still in development after a crowdfunding campaign was announced a year ago during Sony's E3 2015 news conference, followed by an ongoing PayPal campaign to fund the work. So far, $6.6 million has been raised for Shenmue 3, which is promised to launch by December 2017.

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