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Superman will join The CW's Supergirl next season

Let the crossovers begin

After being briefly referred to as "my cousin" or "that guy" in passing on Supergirl, Clark Kent will finally become a permanent character on the show next season.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg confirmed in a statement received by Variety that DC's most iconic superhero, Superman, would star in the first and second episodes of the new season this fall. They have yet to cast an actor in the role.

In the first season, the characters would make off-handed remarks to Superman, but he was never fully mentioned. The only time fans of the series got to see him was during brief flashbacks that Supergirl had of her cousin, but his face was always distorted or too far away to make out completely.

Superman joins Supergirl just as the show is undergoing some important changes, including moving from CBS to The CW. The move means the show has the potential for even more crossover appearances from other superheroes, including the Flash and Green Arrow.

The second season is set to debut this fall with the team gearing up to shoot in Vancouver.