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EarthBound creator's latest project is an Instagram for pets

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Dokonoko might be iOS' cutest app

Shigesato Itoi is best known for his work on the Mother series, but the designer's career has always been far more varied: He's worked as a copywriter, lyricist and even an actor. His latest project, Dokonoko, adds another title to his resume: photo app creator, specifically pet photography.

Itoi's made smartphone apps before; he released another iOS program in 2011 to help people quit smoking. But Dokonoko has a broader, cuter purpose: browsing through photos of adorable animals.

Dokonoko is just on iOS for now — an Android version is planned for July — but the free download invites users to take and share pictures of their cats and dogs. It's a social network that collects data about local animals, including strays and missing pets. You can select the local landmarks your pets frequent in case they get lost, although these are limited to an area in Japan for now.

There's also space for non-pet owners to post images of the dogs and cats they wished they owned.

The app is in English and Japanese, and it has the most adorable user agreement of likely any iOS app. Check that out, along with other pictures from Dokonoko, below.






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