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Jamie Lee Curtis cosplays at Warcraft premiere, yells 'Leeroy Jenkins'

Actress proves her dedication to the game once again

Jamie Lee Curtis isn't a stranger to cosplaying at different video game conventions — she once showed up at BlizzCon as an undead Forsaken character from World of Warcraft — and this time around, she decided to dress up for the world premiere of Warcraft.

To mark the occasion, Curits dressed up as an orc, taking photos with members of the cast and fans in attendance. She even stopped to record a short video, paying homage to Ben Schulz' infamous Warcraft character Leeroy Jenkins. One of the most memorable moments in World of Warcraft history follows Jenkins as he bravely runs into battle by himself screaming his own name. The video of Curtis yelling out his name can be seen below.

Curtis has cosplayed at other events over the years, too, including at last year's EVO. Curtis camouflaged into the crowd, dressed as Vega from Street Fighter.

Although Curtis isn't actually in Duncan Jones' Warcraft, as a long-time fan of the franchise, it's kind of great that she showed up to enthusiastically support it.

Warcraft hits theaters June 10.

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