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Rocket League's next update introduces rarer items and a trade-in system

Player-to-player trading will follow later this year

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Two new classes of customization options will be added to Rocket League, as well as the means of trading up for them, when the cars-playing-soccer game pushes its next title update later this month.

Rare and Very Rare items will join the Uncommon items that started dropping in Rocket League earlier this year. Players will also be able to trade in five Uncommon items in their inventory to receive a Rare one when a trade-in system goes live.

rocket league trade-ins

Psyonix said player-to-player trading will be brought into the game but not until a later update. Players should carefully consider what items they trade in now, Psyonix said, as these may become even more valuable in a player-to-player exchange. Ideally, the trade-in system is there to get some value out of duplicate items, Psyonix said.

Rocket League recently went past 5 million copies sold and an installation base of greater than 15 million (helped by it being a free release on PlayStation Plus during its debut month). The game, available on Windows PC and Xbox One as well, has drawn more than $110 million in total revenue.

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