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Mirror's Edge Catalyst guide

Mirror's Edge Catalyst takes place in the City of Glass, an open world teeming with collectables. We ran around each section of the city gathering up everything in sight. Read this guide, and you can find it all, too.

You can collect five types of items in Mirror's Edge Catalyst:

  • GridLeaks glow gold and often float in paths you take. They make a shimmering noise, too.
  • Electronic Parts are hidden in wall panels, and you'll need to activate them. Look out for their silver sheen and glowing red lights.
  • Documents look like black-and-yellow tubes with a strap attached to either end. You can find them almost anywhere: behind vents, on coffee tables, leaning on billboards and elsewhere.
  • Surveillance Recordings look like yellow cellphones. Like Documents, you can find them anywhere.
  • Secret Bags, which project a chirping noise, are located near Runner symbols, which look like the Mirror's Edge logo. However, you must do a bit of tricky climbing to discover them.

Two prerequisites and a caveat

To start collecting, complete Birdman's first mission to unlock GridLeaks and Nomad's first mission to unlock Electronic Parts. Some collectables require the use of the 180-degree turn and Magrope, both of which you can unlock early in the game. We've noted the requirements as applicable.

Keep in mind that some Documents, Surveillance Recordings and Secret Bags live inside of Story Missions. You can check how many each contains on the Missions page of Mirror's Edge Catalyst's menu. Don't worry if you missed a few, as you can repeat missions. Also, if you complete the game, you can unlock an ability to reveal every GridLeak in the city.

To begin picking the City of Glass clean, choose a section of the city from the table of contents below.

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