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Watch Dogs 2 trailer leaks, don't see it right here

But we have some highlights to share

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

The debut trailer for Watch Dogs 2 leaked overnight, spoiling the big countdown surprise Ubisoft has planned for noon today. The publisher is hitting video hosting sites with takedown notices, but the trailer can still be found pretty much anywhere.

Set to "Spaz" by N.E.R.D., the video takes us on a tour of San Francisco and its surroundings, from the city's slums and Financial District to a trailer park back in the hills somewhere. A skull-masked gang gets to disrupting tech 3.0, which means vandalizing skyscrapers, video boards and knocking out power to the whole city.

watch dogs trailer leak

There are guns, drones and a big exciting motorcycle chase.

watch dogs trailer

CTOS, the network exploited in the first Watch Dogs, looks like it is in charge of San Francisco, too.

watch dogs trailer

The whole thing ends with a "join us" message from the rebels, and the Nov. 15 launch date is confirmed throughout.

watch dogs trailer

So, that's what's going down at noon today, assuming this leak and the takedowns aren't some surreptitious ARG Ubisoft is playing to get folks riled up to fight the man. When the video goes live for really reals, we will put it here.

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