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Watch Dogs 2 trailer gets reedited with Full House theme

Predictability still exists

Yesterday, Ubisoft formally announced Watch Dogs 2 and premiered the first trailer for the game. Featuring music from N.E.R.D., most of the trailer showed off new main character Marcus Holloway and various parts of San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Oakland, where the game would take place.

It didn't take long for some video wizards out there with a wicked sense of humor to take parts of the trailer and edit in the iconic Full House theme song. Like Watch Dogs 2, Full House takes place in San Francisco so it makes total sense to think that the two properties could exist in the same universe.

One editor, Seth G. Macy, made an extended version of the theme song (as can be seen above), and incorporated both imagery from the game and actual moments from the Full House opening credits. Other editors, like Hayden Dingman, simply threw the music over the 30-second Watch Dogs 2 trailer. While shorter than Macy's, the result is just as funny. It can be seen below.

Watch Dogs 2 is probably not going to pay any sort of homage to Full House, but allowing players to walk or run by the house the Tanner family lived in or including fliers for Uncle Jesse's band, Jesse and the Rippers, would count as pretty great easter eggs.

Watch Dogs 2 will be released for the Playstation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One on Nov. 15. To get debriefed on what the new game has to offer, head over here.

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