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Comedy Central launches Key & Peele site with more than 300 sketches

Get your fix on the regular

Key & Peele may have been of the more popular sketch shows on television, but the skits still tended to fare better on YouTube as people shared them on social media.

Now that the show is over, Comedy Central is launching a website dedicated to hosting the entire collection of sketches comedians Jordan Peele and Michael-Keegan Key produced during their time on the air. That includes more than 100 sketches that were never made available online before, according to the network. The site will also have pre-made gifs, memes and an illustrated guide to all of Key and Peele's most famous catchphrases.

The comedians said that ever since the show went off the air, they've been bombarded with questions from fans about where they can access some of the more obscure sketches. While many of the sketches are available through Comedy Central's YouTube page, Key and Peele said they worked closely with Comedy Central to ensure that fans could have a one-stop destination to get their fix.

The site, which launched today, can be accessed through a variety of novelty URLs, including and Of course, it can also be accessed simply by going to Comedy Central's main website and clicking on the appropriate tab.

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