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New Cuphead video shows off indie platformer's gameplay

The game teased at E3 2014 is almost here

Cuphead, the run-and-gun game developed by StudioMDHR, was first shown off during E3 in 2014. At the time, the game was only 40 percent complete. Now, the old-school, Walt Disney cartoons-inspired game is preparing to launch on the Xbox One and PC, and the studio has released new gameplay footage ahead of this year's E3.

In the video, hosted by IGN and which can be seen above, our hero Cuphead can be found running through a grassy and hilly level, dodging mean-looking flowers in the process. There are other enemies that try and attack Cuphead, as well, including Alice in Wonderland-looking mushrooms and a jumping black ball that bears some resemblance to the Chain Chomp monsters in Super Mario games. The level is set against a backdrop of '30s-inspired jazz music and ends with an enthusiastic "bravo" once completed.

Cuphead was originally scheduled to be released last year, but the studio had to delay the game. It is now expected to launch later this year on Xbox One and PC.