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Car combat dating game Bum Rush launches for free July 6

Cibele designer Nina Freeman's multiplayer game comes crashing in

The next game from Cibele designer Nina Freeman will be available to download for free on July 6 for Mac and Windows PC.

Bum Rush debuted at last year's No Quarter event, the annual game exhibition held by the NYU Game Center. The 16-bit "car combat dating sim racing game" has up to eight players competing to drive themselves and their dates back home before anyone else.

The game was programmed by Emmett Butler, who previously collaborated with Freeman on games like Cibele and How Do You Do It. Pixel artist Diego Garcia and electronic musician Maxo also lent their talents to Bum Rush.

Freeman is currently working as a level designer on Fullbright's upcoming first-person sci-fi game, Tacoma, which will be released in 2017 for Linux, Mac, Windows PC and Xbox One.

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