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Paragon overhaul lands with reworked characters, slick new landing screen

Auto-sprint is here

A massive patch hit Epic Games’ Paragon this week, retooling just about every facet of the game, from travel to potions to the abilities of some heroes.

It’s still not the complete overhaul that the team talked with Polygon about last month, but it goes a long way in bringing that vision to life.

You can read through all of the nitty-gritty over on the official blog, or get a solid overview of what changed in the video below.

I played a couple of matches today, and the game already has a better sense of control and more compact play than did the previous version. The matches didn’t tend to go on and on with sides picking at each other, and mistakes were much harder to recover from.

The most noticeable change in the game is the new travel system, which replaces travel mode with auto-sprint. Now your character automatically goes into a sprint after about five seconds if you’re not taking damage or casting.

There are a lot of other changes to look over in the video, and they all seem like they’re pushing Paragon in the right direction. One thing I did notice this time around is that it seems harder to sort through the cards and come up with an effective use plan for them. I’d love to see even more work put into streamlining that upgrade path.

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