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Dark Souls 3 player beats the game without ever getting hit

A masterclass in dodge-rolling

Dark Souls 3 player Faraaz Khan pulled off an impressive feat last night: He beat the game without taking a single hit.

Khan gave himself a few restrictions during his playthrough, which you can watch in the Twitch video above. He didn't use any magic, nor did he use a bow. This is all melee combat, up close and personal with a dozen or so of the game's essential boss fights. Since Khan didn't use a shield either, he avoids damage from other enemies either by running past many of them, occasionally tossing an Alluring Skull to distract them. He's also smart about bailing out of some boss fights when things start looking a little rough.

The whole thing takes a little over two hours, if you'd like to watch some top tier dodge-rolling skills. Khan says he might tackle a greater challenge — taking down all of Dark Souls 3 bosses without getting hit — in a future run.

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