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Summer Games Done Quick sets another record for charity

Nearly $1.3 million donated over the weeklong festival

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Summer Games Done Quick closed overnight with nearly $1.3 million donated, again setting a record for the midyear edition of the week-long speedrunning festival.

The final tally stands at $1,297,924.44 raised from 22,840 donors. That is slightly more than the $1.2 million the event pulled in last year. Like last year, the money will go to Doctors Without Borders.

Summer Games Done Quick featured 177 speedruns. Polygon recapped most of the final day's highlights here. The bonkers Pepsiman speedrun (it was an advergame exclusive to Japan on the original PlayStation) can be watched below; the remainder of the runs are archived on Games Done Quick's YouTube channelThis thread on the Speedrun subreddit also features the runs by name, their result time, and links to the archived runs on Twitch.

Games Done Quick's next event will be the flagship Awesome Games Done Quick running in early winter 2017.

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