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Pokémon Go troubleshooting page mentions inbound fixes for battery life and more

Battery drain fix in the works

Pokémon Go quickly, nearly instantly bounded its way to the top of the mobile game charts, then swept up non-gamers and became what could arguably be called a phenomenon.

But the game, as it exists today, is plagued with a number of substantial issues, chief among them the game’s servers, which seem to be inconsistent at best.

Those are not the only issues though. Over on the official site for the game, developer Niantic details all of the known issues the company has heard of and, in most cases, are working to fix.

The game’s heavy battery use can quickly drain the life of some devices, an issue that Niantic acknowledged isn’t just because of prolonged use of the game, but something they can fix and are working on.

The game’s audio can also become distorted or delayed at times. Niantic says this usually occurs while connected to Bluetooth audio and that they’re working to fix the problem.

PokéCoins and other items that can be purchased for cash sometimes either don’t appear when you buy them or players might get an error message saying "You already own this item." Niantic is working up a fix, but says the temporary solution is to try signing in and out of Pokémon Go or powering off your device and restarting it.

Some Android users are reporting that the app is giving them an error saying "This item is not available in your country" when they try to download it. Niantic says to make sure your Google Wallet has the proper country set and if that doesn’t work to reach out to the Google Play support team.

Another issue, this one player-related, has a trainer’s progress resetting to level one. Niantic says that’s usually because players accidentally created two accounts to play the game: one account using Google and another using the Pokemon Trainer Club. Just make sure you’re signed in to the right one.

Finally, players are reporting issues with locations either not showing up, jumping around or being just plain wrong. Niantic writes that you should make sure that Pokémon Go has location permission enabled, that you have internet connectivity on, that your device location and GPS is on and that your GPS is set to high-accuracy mode. They also say they’re working to improve tracking.

"We're constantly working to improve GPS accuracy and stability," according to the post. "In general, GPS accuracy largely depends on the device you're using and your signal/connection strength."

Run into anything that isn’t listed here? Try dropping the problem in comments and maybe another reader knows how to fix it. Happy hunting.

Have general questions about how to play the game? Check our guide out. And here’s a little something for the complete beginner.

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