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Pokémon Go has made Pokémon music streaming triple on Spotify

It's become the very best, like no one ever was

Pokémon Go hasn't even been out a full week, but Pokémon music streaming has already reached an all-time high on Spotify.

Spotify announced in a press release that global streaming of the Pokémon theme, "Gotta Catch 'Em All," has increased more than 360 percent in the past week alone. Pokémon streaming on the whole has more than tripled.

Pokémaniacs the world over are also making tons of Pokémon playlists on the streaming platform. Right now, there are more than 190 thousand playlists with "Pokémon" in the title, in addition to 53 thousand titled "Pikachu."

The top five Pokémon songs on Spotify are:

  1. "Pokémon Theme"
  2. "Pokérap"
  3. "Pokémon Johto"
  4. "Go Pokémon Go"
  5. "I Want To Be A Hero"

This is just the most recent development in a string of events that show how Pokémon Go is rapidly changing the world around us. Nintendo's stock has already risen 25 percent, and the game has inspired friendships and assisted in criminal investigations, as well as criminal acts.