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Pokémon Go will get trading, other features in updates

A major addition for the mobile game

Pokémon Go is set to receive trading in a future update, according to Niantic Labs' CEO John Hanke. In interviews with Game Informer and Business Insider, he confirmed that adding trading to the iOS and Android game is a priority for the development team.

"It's kind of a core element," Hanke said to Business Insider of the feature, which is one of the biggest aspects of the mainline Pokémon games missing from the mobile iteration.

He also said that players can look forward to additional features, like more ways to interact with PokéStops, in upcoming versions. Pokémon Go is expected to receive new server iterations and other updates on a bi-weekly basis, Hanke said to Game Informer.

New server iterations should please those who have found their games plagued with connection issues since launch. Pokémon Go requires a stable online connection at all times in order to play, yet many have faced frequent crashes and disconnection problems. As for PokéStops, consult our FAQ for more on how they work in their current form, as well as how to locate them around the world.