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Pokémon Go players are using hacks, drones and cheating tools to get out of walking

Sure, why not?

Pokémon Go players are looking for the best ways to get out of walking around to catch Pokémonincluding paying $30 to be chauffeured around their cities. Now, players are using modified versions of the game — or simply put, hacks — and enlisting the help of drones.

During a stream on Twitch earlier this week, one Pokémon Go player introduced his audience to the Pokémon Go Cheat Tool. Essentially, the player downloaded a modified version of the side-loading APKs going around for Android that when used changed the location of where the player was to catch other interesting types of Pokémon he may not have been able to otherwise. In the stream, the player was able to catch the Pokémon without getting out of his seat, getting around one of the core concepts of the game: walking.

The stream, which led to mass complaints on the Pokémon Go subreddit page from fans who thought he was ruining the game, has since been taken off Twitch, but the description of the modification he was running is still there. In the description, the streamer added that the hack would also allow Pokémon Go players to collect items and level up their Pokémon without having to grind or use in-app purchases.

"This simply means that you might want never to be spending a lot of money for the sake of those IAP, otherwise referred to as in-app-purchases, nor would you spend countless hours of grinding finding items and leveling up your Pokemons," he wrote. "Moreover, this provides you with plenty of time to enjoy the game rather than having it the played the hard way."

He's not the only one, either, who's looking for ways to get out of doing pesky things like walking. One player attached his Android phone to a DJI Drone device and, from the comfort of his own backyard, flew around his neighborhood trying to find Pokémon. This is also considered cheating, as a drone could potentially fly slow enough that it registers on the game as time spent walking, leading to more eggs being hatched for doing none of the actual work required.

For more information on how to actually play Pokémon Go and catch Pokémon, be sure to check out Polygon's guides.


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