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Overwatch patch to add Competitive Play hero limit, balance changes

No more teams full of Bastion

Overwatch's Competitive Play mode will soon limit players to having just one of any hero on the same team. In an interview with Gamespot, principal designer Scott Mercer talked about this and other upcoming changes for Blizzard Entertainment's popular shooter.

The competitive mode, which launched late last month, will be updated in the future to include a one-hero-per-team limit, Mercer said. This means that players will no longer be allowed to include, say, six Bastions on their teams.

Players have asked for a one-hero limit for Competitive and Quick Play modes since shortly after Overwatch's launch in May. There are no plans for Quick Play to include the one-hero-per-team rule, however.

Mercer didn't say when the new limit will be implemented, but fans can expect it to be included in Competitive Play's second season this fall. During season two, players will also say goodbye to the Sudden Death mechanic; instead, matches will be able to end in a tie.

Future updates will also bring buffs for two popular characters: D.Va and Zenyatta. Blizzard previously teased that D.Va would get a boost, but Mercer confirmed that her Defense Field will become speedier. As for Zenyatta, he'll also become faster and more defensive.

The biggest Overwatch news, however, is the introduction of the game's first new hero, Ana. The mother of Pharah made her debut in a new video today, which you can check out below.