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Pokémon Go update fixes Google account access, login issues

iOS players, this one's for you

Pokémon Go players on iOS can now download the version 1.0.1 update, which adds several stability improvements. According to the game's iTunes store listing, these include a fix for an issue that had some Google users concerned about security risks.

Pokémon Go version 1.0.1 has fixed the "Google account scope," according to the update details. The game will no longer require full access to Google account holders' data, as it did in the previous version. Instead, the game will now just ask to see players' basic data and their email addresses.

Niantic Labs said yesterday that this seeming security problem was the result of an erroneous permissions request. Although it's possible that players on both iOS and Android were allowing full access to their accounts, only those on iOS could see the extent of the game's security permissions on their Google accounts.

As for other improvements on iOS, Pokémon Go will no longer force players to re-enter their usernames and passwords when kicked out of their accounts. This issue was especially prevalent for those logging in through the Pokémon Trainer Club. The login process for those using Trainer Club accounts has also become more stable overall, according to the patch notes.

Game crashes should also become less frequent, as Niantic has "resolved issues" related to them. Whether this mends the frequently crashing servers remains to be seen.

Android users will have to wait to receive the update. It's not currently available on that platform, and Niantic Labs has not given a timetable for its release.

Players on either platform looking to learn more about Pokémon Go can check out our FAQ, which has details on everything there is to know about the popular mobile game.

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