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You can play new Overwatch character Ana right now on PC

She's part of a patch being tried out in the Public Test Realm

Ana, the newest character announced for Overwatch earlier this afternoon, is already playable for Windows PC users who sign up for the game's Public Test Region, which tests out patches before they are applied to the main game.

Ana is part of a larger patch that Blizzard is testing out with participants in the PTR program. This page has all of the information for how players may sign up.

Accounts from all regions (except for China) may participate in the Overwatch PTR, but it is hosted only in the game's Americas region. It's limited to 10,000 concurrent players; anyone trying to join after that limit is reached will be placed into a queue. Progress made within the main game of Overwatch transfers into the PTR.

The patch being tested also features the changes coming to Overwatch's competitive mode, which includes a limitation of one hero of each type on each team. It also has a slew of other balances and alterations to individual heroes. More information is available at the link.

Ana was revealed earlier today; she is a support-class sniper with ties in Overwatch lore to the characters Pharah (her daughter), Reaper and Soldier: 76.

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